Casey is a FAC85 Multi State Green Environmentally Preferable Products, Programs, Equipment & Supplies Contract Holder for all Twelve Categories*.

For the States of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Effective March 15, 2015.


  1. General Purpose Cleaners
  2. Other Floor Maintenance Chemicals
  3. Disinfectants and Sanitizers
  4. Specialty Cleaners
  5. Powered Janitorial Equipment and Equipment Service
  6. General Cleaning Supplies and Equipment
  7. Hand soaps, Hand sanitizers and Personal Care Products
  8. De-icing and Snowmelt Products
  9. Waste / Recycling / Composting Liners
  10. Disposable Janitorial Paper Products
  11. Entryway and other Matting Systems
  12. Microfiber Cleaning Service


     Including: Acuity Concepts, Training and an All-inclusive Equipment Rental Program!   acuity



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Multi State Contract— FAC85
Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products, Programs, Equipment & Supplies

Let us provide you with a free,
 no obligation survey of your Buildings
We'll help guide you to a cleaner,
 safer, healthier indoor environment.

Our survey will:

  • Identify hazardous substances being used to clean your facility
  • Specify more responsible choices that compliment the specific Requirements of your Buildings.
  • Present a clear cost and environmental impact comparison

  • Specify cost saving measures for your cleaning program.

  • Provide an implementation Plan

To Schedule a Survey - Contact your Casey Representative at 1-800-333-4385