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ALL-Inclusive Scrubber Rental!

  • Fixed cost with no unpredictable maintenance costs ..............including wearables!
  • You know what your monthly cost is for the next three years.
  • No repairs - we take care of the maintenance on the equipment so you won't need a repair shop, spare parts or a mechanic.
  • Motor failure - our problem, not yours.
  • Casey will do three Preventative Maintenance programs per year.
  • 20" walk behinds to 32" ride-on units are available with this program.



Battery - the scrubbers uses a Lithium Phosphate battery which means there is no maintenance - all you do is plug it in.

  • No water
  • No overcharging
  • Just plug it in and leave it.


SMART technology - wireless telecomunication information system that will let you have access to:

  • Where the unit is
  • How long it was used for
  • Any malfunctions and what the problem was
  • When was the unit last charged and what is the charge on the battery right now.
  • Real time status!


At the end of the rental you can:

  • End the rental
  • Start a new rental with a new machine
  • Purchase the machine


Pricing - a 20" walk behind scrubber could be as low as $315.00 per month


Talk to your Casey representative  or call 800-333-4385 for more information




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