Becoming Carbon Neutral

Casey is pleased to announce that we have taken our company to a new level of environmental sustainabillty by partnering with CO2 Logic to offset our Carbon Footprint.

In a combined effort with Genesan we can now deliver to our customers the Genesan Cleaning System from the manufacturing of the product to your doorstep CARBON NEUTRAL.
Calculate - CO2 Logic calculates the carbon output of manufacturing and transporting to Casey. CO2 Logic then calculates the carbon output for Casey to deliver to you.
Reduce - Casey then institutes efficiencies to help reduce the carbon output.
Offset - The remaining Carbon emissions are then offset by Casey's partcipation in qualified CO2 reduction projects around the world. Casey's offset contributions help to make efficient wood burning stoves in Uganda, stemming deforestation and reducing the personal health risks and environmental polutants associated with poorly made wood stoves.
  • Biobased, Biological and Third Party Certified Environmentally Preferred Cleaning products.
  • Dispensed Economically.
  • High Performance Tested.
  • All Brought to You Carbon Neutral. 

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